Company History

BOSSWIK has been dedicated to Danish design since 1989. BOSSWIK is so much more than a belt – it is a sustainable story.


BOSSWIK was founded 25 years ago by owner Morten Levorsen. The company has been dedicated to Danish Design since 1989 and continuously develops new collections designed to break conventions and innovate the fashion industry. Because of the many years of experience, BOSSWIK only uses the best materials for our products. Since 1989 and up to this day, we here at BOSSWIK still takes great pride in delivering only the finest products to our customers.

We manufacture commercial belts suitable for the consumer requesting a unique design as well as high quality: both combined in a fashionable leather belt.

Through the years the technology used in our production has developed: going from solely craftsmanship to a combination of this as well as modern production methods, we ensure efficiency and detail. Every day we have focus on improving the production facilities – both in order to easy up production and minimize waste. Furthermore our constant improvements increase our value of production which helps us to reach our goals and vision.

BOSSWIK is in a situation of rapid development because we constantly take new initiatives and thereby creates growth. We have great focus on design, fashion and an efficient production line. All of this keeps our brand and quality in front – and at the same time help us to secure jobs and production in Denmark.
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