Company Profile

BOSSWIK designs fashionable as well as commercial belts, braces and leather accessories of the highest quality. BOSSWIK belts and braces are manufactured in Denmark and is marketed under the brand BSWK.

The design is inspired by international trends from both London, Hamburg and Milan and is created internally within BOSSWIK by Morten Henriksen and Morten Levorsen.

A BOSSWIK belt is made from carefully chosen leather qualities and buckles and is produced with highly professional methods. The production of the belts is a combination of original craftsmanship and modern production lines. (Read more about the BOSSWIK quality here)

In 2017 we have started to market the Heireth collection. Heireth is the synonym of mens belts of extremely high qualiy manufactured in our Danish factory in Tommerup, Funen. A premium and luxury collection designed, produced separately. A Heireth belt is in any terms based on the absolutely highest quality of raw materials, craftsmanship, level of CSR. A history about the knowledge of 3 generations, deep feelings and passion for belts. A vision about supplying the worlds finest belts to anybody in the world requesting this kind of quality.
Some of the most important values to us are:

Original craftsmanship, full grain-leather, eco-friendly tanning/leather, European skins, animal welfare, a healthy work environment and CSR-policies.

Bælte Bælte Bælte

The vision of BOSSWIK is to sell a strong Danish design expressed through leather belts of the highest quality manufactured in Denmark. At the same time we wish to be a strong and in-demand supplier on the European market.

The mission of BOSSWIK is to provide our customers the most optimal belting solutions through original designs, innovation, a strong marketing mix and a modern and well-equipped production line in a strong organization. Besides this we have more than 25 years of experience within the industry.

A rapidly growing production has turned BOSSWIK into one of the largest belt factories in Northern Europe.

Our customers include:

Consumers and fashion stores with great demands on design, fashion and the highest quality. We also do private label belts of the same high quality which characterizes the BOSSWIK belts.

BOSSWIK is more than just a belt. It is a sustainable story.

Bælte Morten Levorsen

Managing director.

BOSSWIK A/S   ·   Højeløkkevej 4A   ·   5690 Tommerup
Tlf.: 6476 2140   ·   Fax: 6476 2525   ·   CVR-nr: 19 75 64 40