Core values
The core values of BOSSWIK are of huge importance to us and we take great pride in living up to them every single day. These values make us able to offer our customers the absolute best products:

  • High quality materials: These include: eco-friendly full-grain leather, eco-friendly tanning, European skins and nickel free buckles (Read more about the BOSSWIK quality here).
  • Environmental welfare: We always make sure that our suppliers and business partners are as committed to animal welfare as we are. BOSSWIK also ensures its employees a healthy work environment which has been rewarded with a smiley face from the Danish department of work inspection.
  • Serious CSR-policies: BOSSWIK has decided to become a member of BSCI thereby supporting the improvement of better working conditions all over the world.

Our core values make up a solid foundation for the existence and success of BOSSWIK – both on the Danish and foreign markets.
BOSSWIK is already close to fulfilling the expressed vision since a rapidly growing production has turned BOSSWIK into one of the largest belt factories in Northern Europe. On top of this BOSSWIK now has a strong customer base consisting of quality-conscious consumers and fashion stores with great demands on design and fashionable products. Our private label production has also expanded and is therefore part of the great success of BOSSWIK too.

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